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Tamilnadu Flood Relief Updates - Dec 14, 2015
Relief Summary till date:
Materials distributed through trucks to the flood affected areas in Chennai, Cuddalore, Kancheepuram
 & Thiruvallur districts
  • 152 trucks with relief materials sent
  • 63 villages, 49 slums areas covered across 10 clusters
  • 83,500 people benefitted from the relief initiative
  • 1,225 volunteers actively involved in relief work
  • 13,500 cooked food packets delivered
  • 27,000 kgs of raw rice distributed
  • 4,800 packets of milk powder distributed
  • 29,000 packets of biscuits distributed
  • 24,000 litres of drinking water distributed
  • 11,500 blankets distributed
  • 26,700 sanitary pads distributed
  • 10,400 mats distributed
  • 61,000 clothes for all age and gender distributed

Focus Clusters: 1) KK Nagar - Jafferkhanpet 2) Kotturpuram - Ganeshapuram 3) Vyasarpadi - Manali 4) Velachery - Taramani 5) Mudichur - Anakaputhur 6) Tiruporur - Chengelpet 7) Minjur - Ponneri 8) Tiruttani - Tiruvalangadu 9) Cuddalore - Bhuvanagiri 10) Kalpakkam - Anaicut

Case Study

Cuddalore - Bhuvanagiri Cluster

Cuddalore district was one of the worst-affected areas in Tamil Nadu. The areas we covered were a series of villages under Kumaratchi Panchayat. The village named Sengamedu was one of the most affected places by the recent flood. The only school in that village was also severely damaged. Most of the houses were ripped off and nothing could be retrieved from the dust. As most of them were huts, people had no choice but to flee away from their village. A village resident named Panneer had to see his newly built house getting blown away in the rain. The continuous increase in water level of the Veeranam River was one of the main factor which instantiated the process of destruction. Around 200 families had to move to the nearby highlands to protect themselves from the flood. AID INDIA provided them around survival relief kits and helped them in setting up safe houses for immediate protection. The residents were overwhelmed by our support. Every one received their relief kits with tears of happiness and satisfaction.

Key Highlights

1) Students and young volunteers stood tall amid the rising waters, saved many lives and, in the process learnt valuable lessons. There was an article in 'THE HINDU' newspaper highlighting AID INDIA’s volunteers in relief efforts. Link to the article.

2) Padma Mahadevan had done another photo essay detailing the relied distribution at Kalpakkam-Anaicut cluster. Heart-wrenching pictures about how flood affected these families. Album here.

A week after, while the relief operations were still going on, Padmini, Samu along with a team of volunteers Shyam, Anand and Selva from Chennai took a trip to the Kalpakkam-Anaicut cluster to assess the extent of damage caused by the floods. They were in for a huge shock. 5 villages Velur, Pooncheri, Pazhanadukuppam, Olakarakuppam and Anjukaani were visited from dawn to dusk.

Till last week these areas were inaccessible with many roads caving in and water logged. Local volunteers could not reach certain villages to even send the relief materials unless they were equipped with the right kind of transport.

Most villages showed signs of the flood water causing extensive damage. Many huts had been damaged beyond recognition with the walls collapsing and the roofs being battered by the rain leaving hapless families at the mercy of nature’s fury and man- made blunders. The damage had been caused by flooding of small lakes receiving water from the Palar and Vellar rivers that had breached to flood the nearby hamlets with about 7 feet water.

The survey revealed that many families already in dire poverty had lost their livelihoods, their household articles and most of all their sense of security- their homes.

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