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Tamilnadu Flood Relief Updates - Jan 16, 2016
Relief Summary till date:
Materials distributed through trucks to the flood affected areas in Chennai, Cuddalore, Kancheepuram
 & Thiruvallur districts
  • 203 trucks with relief materials sent
  • 175 villages, 76 slums areas covered across 10 clusters
  • 102,500 people benefitted from the relief initiative
  • 1,530 volunteers actively involved in relief work
  • 20,530 cooked food packets delivered
  • 36,600 kgs of raw rice distributed
  • 15,600 kgs of dal distributed
  • 13,100 packets of oil distributed
  • 6,100 packets of milk powder distributed
  • 32,500 packets of biscuits distributed
  • 27,000 litres of drinking water distributed
  • 32,600 sanitary pads distributed
  • 18,600 blankets distributed
  • 22,100 mats distributed
  • 63,500 clothes for all age and gender distributed

Focus Clusters: 1) KK Nagar - Jafferkhanpet 2) Kotturpuram - Ganeshapuram 3) Vyasarpadi - Manali 4) Velachery - Taramani 5) Mudichur - Anakaputhur 6) Tiruporur - Chengelpet 7) Minjur - Ponneri 8) Tiruttani - Tiruvalangadu 9) Cuddalore - Bhuvanagiri 10) Kalpakkam - Anaicut

Case Study

Kalpakkam - Anaicut Cluster

Selvi and Kumar work as daily-wage labourers in Koovathur colony. Kumar has epilepsy and the family is entirely run by Selvi. Their monthly income is around Rs. 4000 only. The recent flood completely destroyed Selvi’s hut. In fact, Selvi was so shattered and didn’t speak to anyone for a week. Eureka Homes coordinator Samu met Selvi and entire village community. Though many villagers were affected by flood, everyone agreed that Selvi’s hut construction was the top priority. Everyone in that village knew that Selvi was the poorest and has suffered most. This open and up-front discussion prevented ill-will and got the whole village to go ahead with house reconstruction for Selvi. In fact, both Selvi and Kumar were completely involved in planning and construction of their own pucca house. Eureka Homes team actually made the foundation of the house strong so that Selvi can construct another floor later. Floor height was also increased so that rain water doesn’t enter the house even during heavy rains. A localite offered good wooden door at a low price for Selvi. Within just 16 days from 23rd Dec 2015 to 7th Jan 2016, Selvi got a brand new home and entire family was very thrilled. Construction also provided employment for 6 local labourers who were also affected by the floods.

Key Highlights

1) AID INDIA got featured as part of flood relief on the cover / part of the cover story in BREW Magazine December 2015 issue. Thanks to Padma Mahadevan for sharing our relief efforts along with some wonderful pictures. Here is the link.

2) In a first of its kind, AID INDIA volunteers accompanied Kotturpuram & Besant Nagar residents to throw a surprise party to thank Kotturpuram Police for their selfless efforts during Chennai floods organized by Mr. Sakthivel of Aarti Madhusudan helped the team in getting the required permission. Entire police personnel were thrilled and appreciated this nice gesture. THE HINDU newspaper article has covered this news and here is the link:

3) AID INDIA’s relief efforts were nicely captured in a video prepared by volunteers Rishi, Harshini, Maanasa, Padma and Vignesh. Here is the link:

Health Intervention – Fumigation

AID INDIA team observed during our visits that many flood-affected areas were having large number of mosquitoes due to stagnated water and untidy environment. This was causing fever, cold and other mosquito-prone diseases to many people in that locality. Hence we have used fumigation machine to control these mosquitoes in 11 different areas both within Chennai and in villages. This machine is very handy is very handy and could be used by any person. It helps control malaria causing mosquitoes. Our field people used the machine to fumigate stagnant pools of water and areas in and around the huts of villages. This helped in providing short-term relief to those residents and many people have expressed their sincere thanks to us for not only providing relief materials but also have concern on their health and environment. In those villages, based on volunteer’s discussion with the villagers, villagers have agreed to reduce the stagnation of water. Lokesh and Lakshmikanth were identifying and coordinating fumigation in affected areas.

Health Intervention – Water-filter distribution

AID INDIA team found that having clean water was a major problem for flood-affected victims. Many children were continuously getting sick due to drinking water. Hence, our team identified the most- needy people in Tiruttani and Kalpakkam clusters and distributed water filters to all the affected houses. Any regular well or bore or metro drinking water can be poured in the top vessel of the filter and you get clean water in the bottom vessel. We had done demo in all these places before distributing and people were very happy with AID INDIA’s water filter distribution initiative. We are planning to distribute more water filters during this month with the help of volunteers.

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