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Tamilnadu Flood Relief Updates - Feb 27th, 2016
Relief Summary till date:
Materials distributed through trucks to the flood affected areas in Chennai, Cuddalore, Kancheepuram
 & Thiruvallur districts
  • 217 trucks with relief materials sent
  • 182 villages, 78 slums areas covered across 10 clusters
  • 103,400 people benefitted from the relief initiative
  • 1,550 volunteers actively involved in relief work
  • 20,530 cooked food packets delivered
  • 37,700 kgs of raw rice distributed
  • 15,600 kgs of dal distributed
  • 13,100 packets of oil distributed
  • 6,700 packets of milk powder distributed
  • 32,800 packets of biscuits distributed
  • 29,000 litres of drinking water distributed
  • 32,600 sanitary pads distributed
  • 17,700 blankets distributed
  • 21,700 mats distributed
  • 63,500 clothes for all age and gender distributed
  • 300 water filters distributed
  • 2500 notebooks distributed
  • 300 cooking vessels with drums distributed

Focus Clusters: 1) KK Nagar - Jafferkhanpet 2) Kotturpuram - Ganeshapuram 3) Vyasarpadi - Manali 4) Velachery - Taramani 5) Mudichur - Anakaputhur 6) Tiruporur - Chengelpet 7) Minjur - Ponneri 8) Tiruttani - Tiruvalangadu 9) Cuddalore - Bhuvanagiri 10) Kalpakkam - Anaicut

Case Study

Cuddalore - Parankipettai Cluster

Aadhivaraganallur village in Parankippettai block was one among the most battered localities in the Cuddalore district, as a consequence of the recent Tamil Nadu floods. Birundha and her family lost their hut to this natural disaster. Around five years back, Birundha’s husband passed away due to alcohol and cigarette addiction. She has two children, Abishek and Anand. As a daily wage laborer, she works hard to also ensure that both her children attend classes at Eureka SuperKidz Center.

Eureka Homes Project has been in action over the course of late Jan/early Feb to build a safe home for Birundha and her two children. The Eureka Homes team built the home’s foundation using RCC beams to deliver strength and stability. Also, the construction was made over a raised floor, primarily to provide safety in the event of heavy rains. Sturdy brick walls, iron rods for roof and windows were installed. The construction of the pucca home was completed by covering the roof with Numbers needs to be updated galvanized iron sheets. Birundha and her two children have moved into their new Eureka home and they have been extremely thankful, as their lives are slowly crawling back to normalcy with the presence of a stable roof over their heads.

Key Highlights

Building upon the success of water filter distribution efforts in January, AID India continued its focus in addressing the water cleanliness issues in Kalpakkam and in Thiruporur.

1) Five employees from United Health Group, headed by Naveen and Parthiban raised money for the Tamil Nadu floods. They had travelled all the way from Hyderabad to distribute water filters and starter kits to around 100 flood affected families in Parasanallur and Thirukatchimedu villages in Kalpakkam cluster. We at AID INDIA, are delighted to be partnering with UHG.

2) NRI Samay, one of AID India’s NGO partners had made tremendous contributions towards provision of water filters to 2 flood affected areas. AID India is truly grateful for their generous assistance to the affected. 100 families in Velur and Pooncheri villages in Kalpakkam Block along with 100 families in Karumpakkam Irular area and dalit colony in Thiruporur belt were beneficiaries of these water filters. Any regular well, bore or metro drinking water could then be poured in the top vessel of the filter to obtain clean drinking water in the bottom vessel.

3) Over hundred families were given water filters by Mr Selvam, an AID INDIA volunteer, in Adivaraganallur village in parangipettai block, Cuddalore district.

Health Intervention – Fumigation

4) Volunteers Nagendiran, Danasekar, Prakash and Mani carried out mosquito fumigation in the flood affected areas of Kotturpuram Chitra Nagar and the neighboring slums. Project Director Srinivasan and a group of volunteers started the new year by fumigating the stagnant waters in Oorapakam, Mudichur - Tambaram areas.

5) Volunteers Murugan and Jonah along with help from the Panchayat President Mr. Ravichandran, fumigated Reddipallayam colony, Minjur Panchayat, Thiruvallur district to reduce the breeding of mosquitoes.

6) Lokesh, who heads the Eureka Books and a group of volunteers carried out the fumigation in Anakaputhur.

Volunteer Experience from Priya on relief distribution

Aahaguru volunteers Priya, Kathirvel Raj, Nila went to Tiruvalanakadu block near Tiruttani and distributed household kits containing Kerosene Stoves, Stainless steel storage utensils, All-out mosquito cream, T.Shirts, dry provisions, baby food and feeding bottles, to the flood affected families of the Irula tribe in Thazhavedu, Poonimangadu and Tiruttani block serukkanur irular colony. More than 100 families received these kits just before Pongal. The overwhelmed community heaped praises on the AID INDIA team. One of them said that they would be able to celebrate Pongal now with new hope.

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