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Tamilnadu Flood Relief Updates - Consalidated Report - 31st March 16
Relief Summary till date:
Summary of
Relief work
carried by
AID India in
Cuddalore, Kancheepuram & Thiruvallur
  • 16 homes constructed,  9 homes construction in progress
  • 670 water filters distributed
  • 1,250 school stationery kits distributed
  • 450 cooking vessels with drums distributed
  • 3,600 notebooks distributed
  • 232 trucks with relief materials sent
  • 185 villages, 82 slum areas covered across 10 clusters
  • 1,05,200 people benefitted from the relief initiative
  • 1,550 volunteers actively involved in relief work
  • 20,530 cooked food packets delivered
  • 41,600 kgs of raw rice distributed
  • 17,800 kgs of dal distributed
  • 3,250 kgs of sugar distributed
  • 14,300 packets of oil distributed
  • 6,700 packets of milk powder distributed
  • 33,600 packets of biscuits distributed
  • 32,300 litres of drinking water distributed
  • 32,600 sanitory pads distributed
  • 17,700 blankets distributed
  • 19,400 mats distributed
  • 63,500 clothes for all age and gender distributed
Short-term relief operations - 2nd to 15th Dec 2015

Key Items distributed: Food packets, Water, Biscuits, Milk powder, Mats, Blankets, Clothes etc.

Even before Dec 2nd, AID INDIA provided relief materials including food, water, blankets to flood-affected victims during November’15 by partnering with Chennai Rain Relief 2015 team for two weeks.

Before this relief work got completed, Chennai and nearby districts were flooded again. AID INDIA’s field team headed by Dr. Balaji Sampath was on the field helping the victims from the very next day of flood. During the first few days, primary focus was on providing food, biscuits, drinking water, milk powder, old clothes, mats, candles, sanitary pads, blankets and other essential items to bring people back to normalcy. Many remote villages in Bhuvanagiri, Kalpakkam and Tiruttani blocks were heavily affected. Extremely poor people lost their huts due to flood and many others had severe damage in their huts/walls. Our team of volunteers visited more than 30 flood-affected slum areas as well as many relief camps to help those victims in hip-deep/knee deep water and sledge/sewage to provide the essentials during the first few days.

  • In fact, our team worked closely with local coordinators in flood relief camps who can periodically assessed and got back to us on the requirements. At one of the Teynampet’s relief camp in Chennai, our team managed to identify a volunteer Ms. Poonam to coordinate the relief distribution. She was very impressed by AID INDIA’s organized and continuous engagement with those victims and donated 200+ mats and blankets to distribute in other affected areas.
  • Selva Ganapathy, one of our core volunteers, and few others were coordinating rescue and relief efforts across the city and provided timely guidance even to Corporation officials. Selva was continuously involved in rescue & relief work to such an extent that he didn’t trace his family who were affected by flood as well for 4 to 5 days.
  • Raghuchandran, one of our full-timers’ house was fully submerged in water at Kotturpuram housing board quarters. After our team rescued him and his family including few months’ old baby with the help of NDRF, Raghu was continuously on the field to help other victims for more than 10 days without even spending time with his immediate family.

With the enormity of the situation and help needed, AID INDIA’s team set up a robust relief distribution process with proper token system so that the relief materials reach the needy people properly. Our team ensured that at least 2 to 3 AID INDIA volunteers go for distribution of relief materials with each truck.

Many areas in North Chennai such as Vyasarpadi were not accessible for the first few days. After the first week of relief work, old clothes and food was not in greater demand however victims were looking for dry rations, stoves, house-hold items etc so that they can stand on their own.

During the next 10 days, our reach both at rural and urban areas increased drastically. Every day, we were sending relief supplies to more than 15 locations within and on the outskirts of the city. There was a large supply of materials coming from various quarters were managed in temporary warehouses/store rooms including AID INDIA’s office and most of our full-timers were working round the clock for more than three weeks. By then, AID INDIA full-time coordinators in Cuddalore, Chengalpet, Kalpakkam clusters had already identified 90+ most deserved villages and started distributing relief supplies to rural victims. In many places, they took the help of rural panchayat to reach the needy effectively.

Medium-term relief operations - 16th Dec 2015 to 10th Jan 2016

Key Items distributed: Rice, Dal, Oil, Blankets, Mats, Sanitary pads, Soaps, Towels, Water bottles, Anti-septic creams, Dry ration kits etc.

  • In rural clusters, AID INDIA volunteers not only provided relief supplies but also collected valuable information on the huts damaged, houses to be repaired in poorest colonies for more than 750 victims. This process helped us to talk to village panchayat and plan for construction of pacca houses and repair houses of very deserving & poor families with priority.
  • AID INDIA team also found that in many rural areas and slums, victims were looking for drinking water as flood also damaged their water sources heavily. Also, flood victims complained about their children getting sick regularly due to water borne diseases. Our team quickly identified a portable water filter and purchased in large quantities of hundreds and distributed the same to affected victims within slum areas as well as villages.
  • Gajarajan, an Eureka Block Trainer from Tiruvallur Pallipattu block, has taken special initiative along with other Eureka tutors around Athimancheripet block to collect relief materials such as dhotis, lungis, sarees, towel, blankets and bed sheets in large quantities for flood victims from ten villages and handed them over to Dr. Balaji Sampath.
  • AID INDIA was part of the medical camp organized by Chennai Corporation zone 4 along with Ramakrishna Mission. This camp was special beause it was for the the sanitary workers who have the unenviable task of cleaning the city post floods. More than 10 volunteers from AID INDIA were part of this camp.
  • AID INDIA volunteers also found that in few remote villages and slum areas where the water was stagnant for a while, mosquito problem was prevalent. Hence, our team got many handy fumigation machines to control those mosquitoes. This provided some sort of short-term relief to many of these victims. So far, we had done fumigation in 12 urban & rural areas with the help of volunteers.
  • Selvi and Kumar work as daily-wage labourers and their total monthly income is around Rs. 4000 only. The flood completely destroyed their hut and Selvi refused to talk and even eat for more than a week. With villagers and panchayat’s consent, AID INDIA constructed its first pucca house for Selvi’s family by Jan 7th 2016 within just 16 days. Everyone in the family was super-thrilled with the new home.
Long-term relief operations - 10th Jan to 31st Mar 2016

Key Items distributed: Rehabilitation kits including (Rice, Dal, Sugar, Oil, Stove, Drums etc), Water filters, Student Stationery kits (Notebooks, Pencils, Geometry boxes, Exam pads, Crayons, School bags,Sticker files etc).

  • Since AID INDIA team already has strong base in many clusters due to eureka education programmes, we had provided family rehabilitation kits including portable water filters, cooking vessels and 20 kg rice to more than 1000 families in 12 villages. Many villagers in Thalavedu village, predominantly an Irular colony, were really thrilled and thanked AID INDIA’s team for providing timely help during Pongal.
  • AID INDIA team donated notebooks, exam pads, school bags, folders and stationery kits to 2250 school students in flood-affected areas in large quantities of thousands.
  • AID INDIA repainted 7 government balwadi buildings damaged due to flood. Now many young kids coming to these centers are really thrilled and enjoying the new ambience.
  • AID INDIA team also had given rehabilitation kits to 30 government balwadis affected by flood.
  • AID INDIA team partnered with many doctors in Chennai as well as Cuddalore areas to conduct health camps in 25 villages and 4 slum areas. Government doctors trained many of our volunteers who went to each house in these villages and slums and helped the inmates to keep the surrounding clean. They also spread liquid in nearby wells as suggested by those doctors and had spread a type of powder in filthy areas, stagnated water and drainage system to avoid Dengue fever type of diseases.
Eureka Homes Project

AID INDIA team has constructed 16 homes so far to poor and deserving flood-affected families and are about to complete 9 more homes in Cuddalore-Bhuvanagiri, Kalpakkam - Anaicut, Thirupporur - Chengelpet and Tirutani-Tiruvalangadu clusters. Below are few case studies of key beneficiaries of this project during this period.

  1. In Kannangudi village in Cuddalore district, Ms. Soundarya is a student in our Eureka center. Her mom is a widow and a daily wage labourer. Soundarya lost her father long back and her sister is also studying in the same village. Their house was severely damaged and Panchayat officials agreed to do the construction.
  2. In Kannangudi village in Cuddalore district, Ms. Deepa whose father eloped with another women leaving Deepa and her Mom alone four years back. Hence, Deepa started living with her grand parents and their hut was damaged completely. Panchayat themselves have recommended us to prioritize her house construction.
  3. In Adivaraganallur village in Cuddalore district, Mrs. Brindhavathi lost her husband an year ago. She is a daily wage construction worker and was affected badly during the flood. She has two sons studying in a government welfare school and was completely devastated with the loss of her hut.

  4. In Chinna Colony village near Kalpakkam, very poor daily wage couple Mr. Sukumar and Ms. Selvi’s hut was severely damaged due to flood. They have a son and a daughter and two of them are studying in a government school in that area. He had severe head injury few years back and got operated. Selvi is the only earning member in the family and they were trying very hard to make the ends meet.
  5. In Parameswara mangalam village near Kalpakkam, old couple Mr. Gurulingam,aged 92 and Ms. Saroja, aged 81 were living in a very small hut. Occasionally Gurulingam goes for carpenter work or 100 day MNREGA scheme. They are getting a very meagre old age pension from the government. Their son is living in the same village and he is also extremely poor and unable to support his parents. In that panchayat, everyone felt that Gurulingam is the most affected and recommended AID INDIA to construct a home for them.

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