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Tamilnadu Flood Relief Updates - Consalidated Report - 31st Oct 16
Relief Summary till date:
Summary of
Relief work
carried by
AID India in
Cuddalore, Kancheepuram & Thiruvallur
  • 102 homes constructed,  52 homes construction in progress
  • 850 water filters distributed
  • 1,550 school stationery kits distributed
  • 590 cooking vessels with drums distributed
  • 4,200 notebooks distributed
  • 255 trucks with relief materials sent
  • 185 villages, 82 slum areas covered across 10 clusters
  • 1,12,500 people benefitted from the relief initiative
  • 1,600 volunteers actively involved in relief work
  • 20,530 cooked food packets delivered
  • 42,800 kgs of raw rice distributed
  • 18,300 kgs of dal distributed
  • 3,350 kgs of sugar distributed
  • 14,400 packets of oil distributed
  • 6,700 packets of milk powder distributed
  • 33,800 packets of biscuits distributed
  • 32,300 litres of drinking water distributed
  • 32,600 sanitory pads distributed
  • 18,500 blankets distributed
  • 21,500 mats distributed
  • 63,500 clothes for all age and gender distributed
First phase of Tamilnadu Flood Relief Operations 2nd to 15th Dec 2015

Key Items distributed: Food packets, Water, Biscuits, Milk powder, Mats, Blankets, Clothes etc.

Even before Dec 2nd, AID INDIA provided relief materials including food, water, blankets to flood-affected victims during November’15 by partnering with Chennai Rain Relief 2015 team for two weeks.

During the first week, primary focus was on providing food, biscuits, drinking water, milk powder, old clothes, mats, candles, sanitary pads, blankets and other essential items to bring people back to normalcy. Many remote villages in Cuddalore, Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur districts were heavily affected. Extremely poor people lost their huts due to flood and many others had severe damage in their huts/walls. Our team of volunteers visited more than 30 flood affected slum areas as well as many relief camps to help those victims in hip-deep/knee deep water and sledge/sewage to provide the essentials during the first few days.

During the next 10 days, our reach both at rural and urban areas increased drastically. Every day, we were sending relief supplies to more than 15 locations within and on the outskirts of the city. There was a large supply of materials coming from various quarters were managed in temporary warehouses/store rooms including AID INDIA’s office and most of our full-timers were working round the clock for more than three weeks. By then, AID INDIA full-time coordinators in Cuddalore, Chengalpet, Kalpakkam clusters had already identified 90+ most deserved villages and started distributing relief supplies to rural victims. In many places, they took the help of rural panchayat to reach the needy effectively.

Medium-term relief operations - 16th Dec 2015 to 10th Jan 2016

Key Items distributed: Rice, Dal, Oil, Blankets, Mats, Sanitary pads, Soaps, Towels, Water bottles, Anti-septic creams, Dry ration kits etc.

In rural clusters, AID INDIA volunteers not only provided relief supplies but also collected valuable information on the huts damaged, houses to be repaired in poorest colonies for more than 750 victims. This process helped us to talk to village panchayat and plan for construction of pacca houses and repair houses of very deserving & poor families with priority. AID INDIA distributed portable water filters and conducted medical camps to flood affected victims in many areas. We also distributed food supplies and a kitchen kit for these families to kick-start their regular life. We also had done fumigation in 1ti different areas to contain mosquito problem.

Long-term relief operations - 10th Jan to till now

Key Items distributed: Rehabilitation kits including (Rice, Dal, Sugar, Oil, Stove, Drums etc), Water filters, Student Stationery kits (Notebooks, Pencils, Geometry boxes, Exam pads, Crayons, School bags,Sticker files etc).

Eureka Homes Project

From January 2016 onwards, most of AID INDIA and its partners SODEWS and other organizations focussed on longterm rehabilitation of flood affected victims and built homes for the most needy and marginalized flood victims across different districts. AID INDIA and its partners have been constructing these homes in Cuddalore, Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur districts. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our donors.

Below are few case studies of key beneficiaries of Eureka Homes project during this period

Santhosh lost his mother when he was 3 months old and lost his father in another 3 months. Ever since, he has been living with his grand parents in Pattabiramapuram Arunthadhiyar colony, Tiruttani block, Thiruvallur district. His grand father Gurunathan is a daily-wage labourer. They lost their hut completely during the flood and villagers gave up the hope for Santhosh’s family on rehabilitation. With the help of AID INDIA, the elderly couple now has a home and they are confident of bringing up Santhosh who is studying in 9th Std in a nearby school.

Mr. Palani and Ms. Valarmathi are residents of Kannangudi village, Cuddalore district. They raise their grand daughter M. Deepa who is studying in a local school. Deepa’s mother passed away in ti010 due to tuberculosis. Ager her mother’s death, her father eloped with another woman and settled elsewhere. Despite their old age, Deepa’s grandparents make a living by working as daily wage labourers. They lost their home and most of their belongings during December floods. SODEWS with the help of AID INDIA rebuilt their home. They were extremely grateful to us for the timely help. In the entire village, many felt that Palani’s family is one of the most deserving to get their home constructed first and villagers cooperated really well.

Rekha lives in Chinna Colony village, Kancheepuram district. The flood had leg bitter memories for Rekha, it not only took her home but also her husband. Her husband Bhagyaraj was tragically swept away in the floods when he went out on his bike to fetch some food for his family and other elders in the neighbourhood. She now works in a nearby factory to earn her livelihood. We had no words to console her loss. As a small gesture SODEWS with help from AID INDIA decided to help her rebuild her damaged house. Rekha expressed her hearielt gratitude to Eureka Homes and those who made it happen.

Malathy is a widow living in Manakkadu village, Cuddalore district. She lost her husband 4 years ago. She has been raising her two children - a son and a daughter - on her own. She works as a daily-wage labourer. She lost all her belongings during the December floods and her hut walls collapsed as well. Due to this, snakes and scorpions started entering her damaged hut. We at AID INDIA decided to help construct a new home for Malathy & her family. She thanked us for pukng an end to her hardship.

Gandeepan and Jayanthi live with their 4 children at Periya Colony village near Kalpakkam, Kancheepuram district. Jayanthi had bone cancer and was diagnosed in the year ti011 and undergoing some treatment in spite of them being unable to afford her medical expenses. Three of their children are girls and are going to a nearby government school. Gandeepan is a daily wage labour. His house was destroyed heavily during the floods of ti015. Gandeepan explains that he had lost his goat as well as some of his baby chicks during the floods. SODEWS with help from AID INDIA decided to build a new home for Gandeepan. He himself worked tirelessly for building his own home along with Eureka team for several months. He & his family are extremely thankful to us for our nice gesture.

Mallika and Muthan were living in Karumbakkam, Thirupporur block of Kancheepuram district. They were daily-wage labourers. They recounted how one whole wall of their house completely collapsed, and how they had to seek shelter at the high school nearby. Mallika and Muthan found that almost everybody from their entire neighbourhood was at the temporary shelter ager the floods. That was the level of destruction the floods had caused across the district. The entire family, including their son and daughter, was really happy to contribute in construction of their own home by AID INDIA.

Raji and Radha were living in a small hamlet Thazhavedu, Tiruvalankaadu block, Thiruvallur district. Raji was working as a woodcutter to make a living. They have a son and a daughter who are less than 6 years old. Their small hut got completely damaged by the December floods. The floors and walls were completely damp. They were sleeping on the floor using sacks and rice straw. These things were dried out in the morning and used again. We found them to be very deserving. SODEWS with help from AID INDIA helped them in constructing a home for them. They even volunteered their efforts during the construction.

Irusan is a daily wage laborer and Konammal is a homemaker living in Periya Colony village near Kalpakkam. Their daughters got married and son moved to Chennai and he never visits his parents. In other words, they both were isolated in their family. On top of this, their hut was badly affected during the flood and they had no other option to live in that damp area even ager the floods. Water reached upto knee levels during the flood. Even though they both are old, they played a vital part in building their own home. SODEWS with help from AID INDIA helped in constructing their new home. Now they at least have a shelter to live and Konammal was extremely thankful to us.

These are only few case studies of flood-affected victims and we will continue to work on rehabilitating marginalized sections of the society who got severely affected by flood.

Other Highlights - CNN News 18 Indian of the year
AID INDIA’s flood relief work got duly recognized when one of our key volunteers Selva Ganapathy won the CNN IBN Indian of the Year as well CNN-IBN Public Service award from Union Ministers Mr. Arun Jaitley and Mr. Nitin Gadkari respectively as a key representative of “The People of Chennai” team.
Other Highlights - News
  • Chennai Micro team headed by Actors Siddharth & RJ Balaji partnered with us to provide medium-term and long-term relief support to flood affected victims.
  • AID INDIA’s flood relief distribution was duly covered by Thanthi TV in a documentary “Manitham.”
Lighting up lives this Diwali

While identifying huts for reconstruction under the Eureka Homes project in villages that were badly affected by the Tamil Nadu Floods, we found that one of the villages had no access to electricity and there were no lights. So AID INDIA in collaboration with AROHA a nonprofit trust, which specializes in improving living conditions of underprivileged sections of society, planned to install low costs solar lights under the Liter of Light project in two such villages in Tiruttani block.

In the first phase, around 20 street lights and 36 study lights were installed in Nemili village, Tirutani Block Thiruvallur district which is predominantly inhabited by the Irular community. A 4 member team from AID INDIA surveyed the village and identified potential locations to place the street lights. A 5 member team of people from AROHA came and assembled the solar lights. Both the teams worked to ensure that the lights were installed in a span of 4 days, just before Diwali . This was truly a 'fesSval of lights' for the people of Nemili!

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