The Vision

Aid India empowers communities, particularly the marginalized, to break the cycle of generational poverty and become self-reliant by providing support for quality education, health care and shelter.

The Purpose

Several independent studies, including the nationwide rural survey Annual Status of Education Report (ASER), have been repeatedly highlighting the poor quality of education and pointing out serious gaps even in basic foundational skills like reading and arithmetic in schools in rural Tamil Nadu (both Government and private).

At Aid India,we believe that good quality education is crucial for social change and that every child has the same potential and the right for a bright future.Through our work in education, health and re-constructing houses for the poorest families, we try to bring a visible change in the quality of life for the most disadvantaged.

Our Approach

Model Schools

The two Eureka schools were founded with the vision of providing high quality affordable education to children from marginalized communities. Dedicated teachers, an outcome oriented approach and a child-friendly school learning environment makes learning at Eureka Schools both fun and effective.

After-school Centers

The Eureka after-school centers in villages have clearly-defined learning goals. Locally appointed and trained tutors conduct daily classes and give individual attention to every child. Through learning events and skill achievement melas, the parents and other members of the village community celebrate the progress of their children.

In-school Programs

To improve the quality of learning in schools, learning materials and training are provided to teachers. Workbooks and worksheets are given to build skills. Skill tracking and regular assessments are done to ensure that learning goals are met.

Technology in Education

Using technology as an enabler, Eureka tab labs help us teach children in middle and high schools the skills that are expected at their grade levels. Children learn Math, English and Science through concept videos and practice on graded apps that allow them to learn independently at their own pace.

The Team

The Aid India team is a diverse mix of individuals from all sections of society who have come together to work for an equal society for all. Deeply passionate about the cause, the team shares the core principles of focused goals, strong commitment to bring about visible change, and the dream of a brighter future for the next generation.

Make a change in a child's life