Evaluation of Eureka Education Programs: 2016-17

In the academic year of 2016-17, an inter-program evaluation was undertaken to assess children from all Eureka education programs on a common platform so that learnings from the successful programs could be incorporated into other programs and improvements could be made accordingly. Given below are the comparisons for Class 5 Tamil, English Reading and Math skills:


Evaluation of Eureka after-school programs: 2010-14

Reports by NCIS, an external agency that conducted evaluation studies annually from 2010-2014 to measure the impact of the Eureka’s after school program on learning outcomes of children.

ASER report on Eureka reading program in Tamil Nadu government schools

In the years 2007-2009, we impacted more than 1 million children and improved reading levels in 10 districts substantially. The ASER results from 2007-09 showed that 3 years of reading program in 10 districts had led to a 15% higher district wide impact in reading levels compared to the rest of the state.


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